Survival World

Survival is now open to all 


Ranks & Rules


Newbe First rank,Rookie,Second rank,Builder Third rank,Engineer Fourth rank, Editor Fifth rank you get World edit here,Mod,Admin,Headadmin,Programmer,Owner


Dont Grief ,Use name's when talking to staff, Respect Decisions staff members make, You can use flymods and TMI to help you build, Ask other server members about general Questions, Tell staff about grief ASAP DONT fix we will with logblock, Ask help From mods before Admins/owners, Only ask For banned blocks after build is complete IE Water,Lava (You can use the banned blocks at higher levels), Ues /minecart on a non powered track to ride, If you can, help other players


DO NOT ASK FOR CREATIVE!!, Do not spam in any way, Do not ask for promotions (Just ask for a staff To look at your build and we will promote you if we think you deserve it =]),  Do not harass abuse or put down any player staff,Do not advertise any other server grief team.

New Rank

We have set up 2 donator ranks donator donator+ if you donate leave ur minecraft ign in a message 4 me donator+ requires 30$ or more donator requires 10$ up to 29$ they have a lot of commands and some even staff dont get =] please donate to the server to make it better. also a huge donator will get donator+ and will have to talk to me 4 specal things not sure what tho a huge donator = 50$ or more. under 10$ is just kuz u love us =D.